Modern Warfare 2

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The sequel to Call of Duty 4 will not carry on the name. The very much anticipated Modern Warfare 2 looks to be no letdown from its predecessor. High quality graphics and very intricate gameplay will make this game a sure hit. Another thing to note is that there will be a coop mode called Special Forces but it is separate from the main campaign. The campaign as it is contains three locations and could take from 6 to 10 hours to complete. The game will be available on Xbox360, PS3, and PC. If one thing is for sure, you will want to get your hands on this fine peice of art when it comes out on November 10.


Runescape's popularity?

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Everyone remembers playing Runescape back in the day with its vast world map and its perpetual tasks. However that was quite some time ago, has Runescape lost popularity? We know World of Warcraft controls the lionshare of the MMO market but many other games hold their own. Runescape holds several key advantages over many popular mmorpgs. Number one, its free! Everyone loves free stuff. Premium membership is cheap too. Also, Runescape also runs straight out of the browser. Most downloadable MMO's that you will find take hours to download while Runescape will load up in a few seconds. Compared to other browser games Runescape is still the most popular.

Runescape has improved greatly from what it used to be. Most notably in the realm of graphics. Recently a full screen "HD" mode was added on which was a huge improvement from the old look. Runescape continues to stick to the classic character building ideals of a traditional mmorpg. This can become monotonous to some people who find doing the same thing over too many times boring. But for some, Runescape is still a taste of heaven.

Facebook Vs Myspace

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The classic battle, one which most of us have probably picked sides. Myspace and facebook started near the same time back in the years 2003 and 2004. For the longest time Myspace was by far the dominant brand. Most recently however, facebook has made huge gains on myspace and just recently passed myspace in most global use per month.

When you compare the two they are very different animals. Facebook mantains a clean, organized layout while myspace allows people to modify their pages extensively to fit their own personality. Sometimes that ability backfires when people modify their profile in a way which is terribly messy and hard to sort out. Myspace does however have a strong hold on the music market. When people want to find out about a band they automatically check the band's myspace. In the end there is no better option. Some people will preffer facebook and others myspace. Many such as myself will indulge in both.


The beginning

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In the beginning this blog was made, this blog was made in the beginning and without the beginning this blog was not made. Please take time to fasten your seatbelts as this blog will now sputter off into oblivion. We are going to talk technology in this blog. Please feel free at anytime along the way to comment or submit questions or topic suggestions! Feedback helps me keep adding more. Thanks!

A little bit of background information. I actually created this blog about 4 months ago but never got around to getting it off the ground. However I finally gave a final push. I just need to keep it updated.

Okay so stay tuned and we'll get you some quality content to get your appitite wet.