Facebook Vs Myspace

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The classic battle, one which most of us have probably picked sides. Myspace and facebook started near the same time back in the years 2003 and 2004. For the longest time Myspace was by far the dominant brand. Most recently however, facebook has made huge gains on myspace and just recently passed myspace in most global use per month.

When you compare the two they are very different animals. Facebook mantains a clean, organized layout while myspace allows people to modify their pages extensively to fit their own personality. Sometimes that ability backfires when people modify their profile in a way which is terribly messy and hard to sort out. Myspace does however have a strong hold on the music market. When people want to find out about a band they automatically check the band's myspace. In the end there is no better option. Some people will preffer facebook and others myspace. Many such as myself will indulge in both.



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