Runescape's popularity?

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Everyone remembers playing Runescape back in the day with its vast world map and its perpetual tasks. However that was quite some time ago, has Runescape lost popularity? We know World of Warcraft controls the lionshare of the MMO market but many other games hold their own. Runescape holds several key advantages over many popular mmorpgs. Number one, its free! Everyone loves free stuff. Premium membership is cheap too. Also, Runescape also runs straight out of the browser. Most downloadable MMO's that you will find take hours to download while Runescape will load up in a few seconds. Compared to other browser games Runescape is still the most popular.

Runescape has improved greatly from what it used to be. Most notably in the realm of graphics. Recently a full screen "HD" mode was added on which was a huge improvement from the old look. Runescape continues to stick to the classic character building ideals of a traditional mmorpg. This can become monotonous to some people who find doing the same thing over too many times boring. But for some, Runescape is still a taste of heaven.


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